Those who are not strangers to the term of detoxification and consequently holistic medicine, are no strangers to the name of Josef Jonáš, M.D. Admittedly, even those striving to follow in the footsteps of Doctor Jonáš often fail to keep up with all the new developments that Doctor Jonáš is constantly coming up with. In late 2017, Marion, the revolutionary electronic device, was launched on the market. On the website it is presented as a device intended for maintaining body health and a healthy lifestyle. Its sale has been accompanied by a surge of questions concerning both the device and the author, Doctor Jonáš, himself. Let’s see how deep into his thoughts he let us go.
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Marion, a device increasingly attracting admiration and earning respect due to its truly revolutionary reputation, has arrived. Can you tell us how long it took to create Marion?
My first thought of creating such a device dates back to my 2001 visit to the United States, which means that Marion has been in gestation for no less than 16 years. Its birth was preceded by a story which I haven’t actually talked about anywhere before, neither has it been published. At that time, when I was visiting a friend of mine in San Francisco, I was asked for help by a single lady (now married) by the name of Jane, who had been suffering from unspecified health issues for a year or two. Jane had been, and still is, a senior Apple manager, and by virtue of her job she had been able to undergo numerous medical assessments performed by scores of specialists worldwide. In spite of all this, no one could really help her. At that point Jane turned to me. Unfortunately I did not have anything on me in America, that is to say not a thing that could be of any help. So I created, right on the spot, a kind of a simple apparatus. I have to admit that it was not without Jane’s assistance, as she helped to get the necessary components.
So that was, so to say, the very first prototype…
It was simply a kind of a brainstorm, and in that case serendipity was on my side. I then applied the apparatus to Jane for about a fortnight, and her problems started to vanish all of a sudden. And what’s more, they didn’t recur. To this day I am in contact with that lady, and I receive information from her. In addition, at about the same time Jane was unsuccessfully attempting to conceive a child. Soon after my departure she succeeded.
(Laughter) Doctor Jonáš, I hope the readers don’t read that the wrong way…after your departure?
No way! She was the girlfriend and subsequently wife of a friend of mine. As a matter of fact, it was through him that I made my acquaintance with her.
So, the very first thought, the first inspiration concerning the creation of the device occurred in America as early as seventeen years ago.
Well, yes. At that time I was staying in a house where the lady of the house was called Marie, and I decided to name my device in honour of her - Marion. Though I was also considering using Jane’s name, Marie seemed to sound better.
When you then started developing the device here in Czechia, didn’t you have second thoughts about the outcome, which would not necessarily have been a clear success? Or were you 100% certain?
Well, finding someone capable of understanding my concept of the entire issue and – most importantly – capable of translating the idea into a technical form really was fairly challenging. And then the device naturally needed to be programmed, which was a task requiring long hours, days, and years of experimentation and testing. At that stage I would have doubts every so often. It took nearly two years before my idea turned out to be actually meaningful and worth implementing. In short, the intensive process of developing the device in its present form certainly took about five years.
And it was in the course of the intensive development of the device that you also discovered that precisely set time cycle/loop?
Well yes, the time cycle is the outcome of longitudinal exploration, measurements and numerous experiments. It is not just a random time cycle. I wanted the time cycle to be user-friendly. The point here specifically is that a, say, six- or seven-hour time cycle would be a nuisance timewise. Another issue that also took its time to ripen was that of the watch form. Originally I was thinking of a desktop device. In that case you would have to sit at it, and that would be inhibiting. In the end I concluded that the tolerable, optimal time cycle for a device worn on the wrist like a watch might range from one and half to two hours. That was the time limit I simply had to fit into program-wise. That was the time interval available to me and my program. And it went well.
Anyway, fitting the entire content of Marion into such a little “box” is a miracle.
Well, the “box” as you put it, is in fact still too big. Nowadays various things get reduced to an even smaller size. If it wasn’t for the battery, which regrettably can’t be reduced in size at the moment, all other components in the device could theoretically be even tinier.


Before we get onto introducing the functionality of Marion in greater detail, the very lead-in sentence posted on the website is intriguing – I quote: "Marion makes use of the invention of Norbert Wiener, founder of cybernetics, who back in 1940 came up with the idea of preserving information on magnetic memory.“
If it weren’t for Norbert Wiener, a brilliant mathematician and founder of cybernetics, there wouldn’t have been any computers, and the field of cybernetics would simply not have emerged, nor would entire computer technologies, because those are based precisely on Wiener’s concepts. I merely exploited them for medical purposes; in that way, however, the application is original as no one has been dealing with it so far. Electronics and cybernetics do not seem to have penetrated the health sector.
Do you think we stand on the threshold of breakthrough?
Well. I would equate the current situation to hydrogen-powered motor vehicles. On the one hand, as a technology, the latter has been ready since roughly World War II. On the other hand, a lobby exists that lives on the profits from oil extraction and the giant industry closely linked with the automotive industry. So the idea of hydrogen propulsion has actually never been implemented. It will only come into play ether with dwindling oil supplies, or after it becomes obvious that burning diesel and gasoline causes pollution of an extent jeopardising the planet. The same is going on in the health sector. As long as there is the lobby of giant pharmaceutical companies linked with a variety of state systems, not much is going to change. Can you imagine Google or Microsoft all of a sudden entering the medical market to take full control of it? To completely drive giant pharmaceutical companies out of the market? By the way, the pharmaceutical business together with the drug and the arms businesses rank among the most profitable on earth. Tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of people are linked to it. So no sudden change is feasible. Mankind would have to be pushed to it in some way or another.
So, basically speaking, the pharmaceutical business is as dangerous as the arms and drug businesses... 
Yes, it inhibits any progress whatsoever; progress is conducted in just one direction. However even that one direction - in this case direction of chemical compounds - is drying up. All of a sudden its limits will be reached. The point here is that it is not within the power of the system to achieve change. People are greatly mistaken in their belief that, for example, state authorities will opt for some kind of rational way forward. That is not realistic.
So we shall see in, say, a century or two from now. Though we won’t be around any longer.
All that is left to us, i.e. mankind, are worries. The point here is that change can only be triggered by a catastrophe. So in wishing for change, we are actually wishing for a catastrophe, and that is precisely what no one wishes for. The question is whether to long for a change at the price of a catastrophe.
Let’s move on to something more favourable, something beneficial to man. Let’s go back to Marion. One of its major functions is assistance in removing toxins from the body and assurance of protection against diseases of affluence and various ailments. It’s not just that, as some believe, they simply put on Marion and will be healthy straightaway?
Definitely not. That is precisely where I actually see an impediment concerning Marion stemming from misunderstanding. People will tend to ask: “And what does the device actually do?”, “In what way could it possibly affect human health?” In order to understand the matter properly, one first of all has to accept the fact of the presence of toxins, of the cause of diseases. When mentioning toxins, most people tend above all to think of the polluted environment. But that’s not really the whole truth. A number of toxins are generated by food, from the metabolism, in general from bodily activity - that is to say, in ways completely different from those associated with the environment. What we have to grasp in particular are three issues: what a toxin is, where it comes from, and why it poses such a threat to the body? We have to understand that toxin removal makes it possible for the so-called gene program to assert itself, because this is the program according to which everything in our body actually runs.
So everything in the human body is pre-programmed?
Yes, absolutely all functions are perfectly pre-programmed. If no one impedes the program, the body actually keeps repeating all the perfectly pre-programmed functions indefinitely. But then something starts to impede it. In genes there are information systems which mean that the transfer of programmes takes place in a way highly similar o the way that computers or cybernetics, for example, work. As a matter of fact, most of us have heard of computers being infected by a virus. Viruses start working in a totally absurd manner, and the human body behaves in the same way. Little by little, it starts to prevent the genetic program being implemented perfectly. All of a sudden, the body will behave irrationally, i.e. not following ideal guidance. And all of that nonsensical behaviour tends to be referred to as disease. What typically happens in the beginning is a kind of body “detuning”, i.e. a condition where the body ceases to perform perfectly. However, such condition need not yet be classified as a disease; disease comes on gradually. A faulty program is established. All that needs to be understood before we are able to understand how such an electronic device can operate. The point here is that it does not cure diseases in the sense we might imagine. Instead, the device gives the ideal gene program (which all of us are equipped with) the possibility to control and fulfil itself.
In other words, someone who doesn’t understand the gene information system and the presence of toxins will find impossible to understand Marion.
They can never understand it. I will just give one example. For instance, if I appeared before the doctors with the statement "I can cure allergy", I would of course immediately be labelled a charlatan and liar. The reason being that – according to medicine – allergy cannot be cured. It can be attenuated, but not cured. What we have to understand here is that the immune system is controlled from certain areas of the brain. For instance, we come into contact with pollen or (animal) hair, which are most frequent allergens. The body will detect contact with a foreign substance and the brain will decide that something must be done to dispose of it, quietly, without us knowing. And suddenly a command is given, emerging from the great turmoil, and it is fundamentally incorrect. The body received a command to produce an excessive amount of histamine and of other substances, and to respond to the pollen, hair and dust in an altogether nonsensical way. But why? Because control centres in the brain which are known to us (as the centres where the orders come from are known) are reduced to chaos by toxins. This means that both the evaluation of the whole situation and implementation of the given defence are altogether nonsensical. And we call it an allergy. If we then know how to remove the substances that actually set the brain cells in motion like the functioning of microelectronic devices, i.e. cells that for their part are at the same time energy resources…when that is known to us, and we are also able to intervene in the process, the whole thing does not appear to be nonsensical at all. Suddenly, it really feels like a no brainer. That is just an example of the fact that unless we understand the meaning of toxins, we won’t understand the entire process that’s going on, and we also have to stand by helplessly when facing the phenomenon referred to as allergy. Though the example I mentioned is one the most straightforward ones, the mechanisms in which more serious processes operate are the same.
I beg your pardon. Brain cells operate like microelectronic devices? That doesn’t make any sense to me.
Well, brain cells are also energy resources - they themselves generate energy. That’s something that not even a computer can do; it must be plugged into an AC socket. In contrast, the human brain is capable of generating electric potentials on its own, and subsequently making use of them for the transmission of information. The human brain is a fascinating and absolutely perfect organ.
After this explanation, everyone must understand the function of Marion, both adults and children. By the way, the device is designed for all age groups, across the generations. You, the creator of the device, have been wearing it on your wrist since the very start. What specifically did it do to you? What were your first reactions and feelings?
I of course served as the first guinea pig, as did my family. However, when realizing that we have not been ill for years, having had no flu, no viral diseases, no tonsillitis…, that our child had not – even after six years of school attendance – been off sick for a single day, it has become apparent that it is a non-standard situation. Our paediatrician even assumed that I was secretly prescribing some kind of antibiotics to our child, as it just isn’t normal for a child to not be ill twice a year. No viral disease. Sorry, our child was not ill and has not had a viral disease. Our family’s experience was clearly excellent to the extent that there was nothing left to think about, and Marion set off on a journey of its own.
While on the one hand, it did set off successfully, on the other there are individuals who, having bought the device and having been applying it for some time, are dismayed at getting a rash or pimples, their hair becomes oily, they have a salty taste in their mouth, and experience a variety of other negative symptoms. But that’s good, isn’t it? The detoxifying effect is actually produced in this way.
The truth is that a number of ways exists via which toxins are eliminated from the body. Some of them are excretion through the kidneys, i.e. in the urine, then faecal excretion, then of course excretion through the skin, i.e. through sweat. Toxins are also eliminated through the mucus or through the eyes – as tears. People differ in their manner of toxin elimination. If there are, at the beginning, lots of them, their elimination takes a more abrupt form, and some excretion pathways get irritated. So for example there may be bladder irritation or a ticklish cough, as well as coughing up of sputum, various skin reactions, etc. That all happens over a transitional period. It’s only natural. Man himself ought to promote excretion in some way or another. Alongside Marion application we would recommend alkali soda baths. It is necessary to drink a large volume of liquid. Pure water is best, though some brands of herbal tea that help toxin elimination are also suitable.
How long can the process of elimination of toxins take before the body “calms down”?
Well, the length of the process is absolutely individual and may range from a single day up to several months. It depends on age and the extent to which the body is clogged with toxins. The point here is that a person “hosting” in his body a volume of toxins so huge that an intensive process of elimination has been taking place for a couple of months is well aware of what’s going on, because he himself knows that his state of health is not good. By way of contrast, in the case of a healthy person there will be practically no reaction.
The Marion website recommends the device be used twice a day over a period of no less than three months, with further use depending on the owner’s own feelings. Another recommendation is to see a detox expert afterwards for a check. Or is that unnecessary?
Well, it’s not strictly necessary. However, if anyone has doubts and just wants to be sure, or wishes to fine tune things, I of course won’t disapprove of such advice. I am personally happy to examine Marion users because I de facto learn from it, identifying what Marion does and perhaps does not yet do, and what needs to be improved. For me it is highly informative. However, the main purpose of Marion should be to avoid going to doctors, sitting for long hours in waiting rooms and spending a lot of money.
Is it possible to undergo another form of treatment at the same time as using Marion? For example patients taking their heart, blood pressure medication, etc.?
Unfortunately, many people take meds which do more harm than good to the body. That is universally acknowledged. It even is stated that approximately 30 per cent health problems come from excessive drug consumption or inappropriate medicine combination. Among other things, Marion helps the body get rid of such medicines because even in this case the cumulative effect can occur, meaning that medicines are insufficiently excreted from the body. Excretion is an activity for which the liver is mainly responsible. So, each person’s liver ought to be in the best state of health. To come back to what I said, Marion also counteracts the accumulation of drugs. On the other hand, if and when a person takes medication required for his condition, we definitely do not impose a condition that they shouldn’t take them. In this case, such a person should use their common sense or take the advice of a reasonable doctor.
Doctor Jonáš, you continue to run your private practice, to examine and research, you remain one step ahead of guys younger by one or two generations. You’re not afraid of new technologies, and you keep moving forward. Where does so much stamina and determination come from?
It runs in many families. My granny and my mom were exactly the same, so I inherited these traits.
And now a different question: If you were given a chance to look back, would you change something?
(Laughter)Well, I would change quite a lot of things. Though…, an old friend of mine wrote a book called Crossing. That is a theme that has been covered in books on a recurring basis. It is a little like sci-fi, the story of a man who, having got close to the end of his life, all of a sudden has a chance to go back to a year or even ten, twenty years ago, and lead his life in a different way. Anyway, in the end he takes the very same road. So there is no sense in saying to oneself what one would have or wouldn’t have done because fate is fate, and things would probably have gone the same way.
Success is difficult to forgive, and you have had success for many years. How do you deal with envy, which regrettably is a much common trait even here in Czechia?
I suspect that people are envious of someone who somehow comes up with something easily. They think that it’s unfair that he came to the property for nothing, that he has grown rich. How is that possible? But that isn’t my case. Unfortunately perhaps. I never came up with anything just out of the blue like that. I don’t think anyone would trade places with me and the huge amount of work I had to do, the loss of free time, and the masses of things I had to handle before success came. So I do not encounter much envy. Once someone becomes familiar with my work, they comprehend that there really is nothing to envy. Or, as another acquaintance of mine would say: "You poor gifted guys…"A man endowed with some gift or another simply has to use it. So isn’t it better to be talentless and live a pleasant and carefree life?
No, it isn’t. At least in your case it fortunately is not so. One cannot live by work alone, Doctor Jonáš. When not working, how do you relax?
I know how to really switch off and not deal with absolutely anything. Then I am in a completely different world, with my brain working in a totally different mode or, put more precisely, not working at all. I simply reprogram my brain so that it does not think about anything, and is not worried by anything. Those are moments when my brain is capable of completely idling.
Thanks for the pleasant and informative interview. I wish you all the best…
Text and photo: Alexandra Stušková