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Josef Jonáš, D.M., took his degree at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen. Dr. Jonáš was one of the first in the then Czechoslovakia to start practising natural medicine on a professional basis. The methods used in natural medicine became the foundation of Dr. Jonáš´s holistic world view, serving as the basis for the formulation of his controlled and inspected body detoxification method.

Josef Lucký, M.D., a high-level Czech expert in traditional Chinese medicine, recently noted in an interview that: “In the Czech Republic we had and still have eminent naturopaths, such as Father František Ferda or Josef Jonáš, D.M. However, the previous regime was not very favourable to them, and repressed them“, to which Dr. Jonáš adds: “Though the current regime is more favourable, we continue to be repressed. Not much has changed. From the very start it has been my goal to establish my own original school for naturopaths, as therapeutic results are good. What we want is to heal people/ensure their recovery rather than make them dependent upon medication…“ In spite of all this, Dr. Jonáš, the graduate physician and self-taught explorer, has achieved much.


The first major breakthrough

Josef Jonáš. M.D., was born in Náchod. At the age of just 27 he became Head Physician (H.P.) at the Department of Psychiatry in Chomutov. His first encounter with a book dealing with acupuncture marked a major turning point in his life. He happened to stumble upon it on Doctor Wagner’s bookshelf at the neurological ward. At that time, there was only one copy of the book, having been published in a small run by physicians who had – within the framework of the Socialist Bloc – served in Korea, where they for the first time acquainted themselves with acupuncture. The young physician read the book in one sitting and seemed to completely apprehend every word in it. “Afterwards I took needles and inserted them in a chronic patient who had been lying there for months with searing back pain. On the next day, the pains went away. Both of us experienced a pleasant shock: That was the most left field thing of all time.“

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Events develop rapidly

Things started to develop fast. By another coincidence, in the socialist Czechoslovakia, “papers” describing dietetic food, macrobiological food, etc., fell into Dr. Jonáš´s hands. “I was 33 years old. Step by step I started to familiarize myself through a plethora of routes with natural methods falling within the definition of natural treatment (neuropathy). Herbalism, homeopathy, bioresonance and other matters would appear on the scene. In the aftermath of the revolution there was a chance to travel abroad; at that time, visiting Germany, I for the first time became acquainted with Voll’s method. After this I started to gradually do away with all other methods.”

Voll’s method

By applying Voll’s method, undesirable toxins can be detected at both the physical and mental level and the relevant therapy can be initiated. Voll’s EAV device also makes it possible to check whether or not the assigned treatment is achieving the objective at hand.

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Jonáš the Entrepreneur

Dr. Jonáš learned how to control the EAV device brilliantly. Just after November 1989 he became one of the first entrepreneurs in the country. Having left his post as Head Physician of the psychiatry department, he opened a private holistic medicine counselling centre in Chomutov and later in Prague. He became the founding father of the detoxification method (detox method) in the Czech Republic. Together with his partner he set up the Institute of Holistic Medicine in Prague. During its peak years, 15 surgeons - healers would serve in the Institute. With the millennium approaching, another twist of fate of Josef Jonáš, M.D. started to take shape on the horizon. In autumn 1999 he became a co-founder of the Spiralis company, renamed for legislative reasons.

In addition, Dr. Jonáš’s literary activity is prolific. His first book, entitled The Crosswords of Life, published in 1988 in its first edition of 30,000, sold out within just one hour, and continues to be updated at regular intervals. Since then a series of additional titles have been published.


Over the past five years, the concern of Josef Jonáš, M.D. has focused on the development of an electronic device encapsulating all his detoxification experience acquired over the past twenty years. Are we finding ourselves on the cusp of a new phenomenon of the digital and virtual world? Are we witnessing the emergence of an altogether different and new approach towards health? Will the people’s eternal desire for disease prevention ultimately be fulfilled? It remains to be seen!