Marion operation principle


Our era is characterized by information flow and communication. Even such a complicated system as the human body can only work and regulate itself provided that proper communication and hence information exchange between cells take place in it. In a fit body information exchange proceeds unhindered, with each cell, each part of the body performing their tasks. However, if the human body is disturbed by harmful substances such as poisons, viruses and bacteria, communication between cells is prevented.

Marion is a device offering assistance. Information transfer carried out through a fairly weak electromagnetic field is harnessed for body cleansing, regeneration and reconditioning. The program encapsulated in Marion is of a universal character, not being configured individually and with no specific clueing. Through its use, body control can be supported and regulated; through a cleansed body, the human body can protect itself far more effectively.

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Two essential functions of the body are data collection and its evaluation. Complex electrical, chemical, metabolic or biological processes accompanied by unique mental processes, jointly embedded in the living environment, that all require precise coordination provided exclusively by a properly functioning information processes.

The most damaging agents are microorganisms, omnipresent as an essential part of everyday life, and they even make us consider whether “it is we who live in their world, or vice versa? “ On the other hand, microorganisms need not always necessarily be the cause of an active disease. Much more frequently it is a case of chronic, progressive depletion of the entire system.

For example, our eating habits quite often are not optimal, and the result frequently is metabolic damage of the body. Moreover, many people assume that physical and mental health issues do occur beyond the realm of reason. That is not the case, of course. Rather than this, failures of the control and information systems are involved. We tend to look for something that might be of help for the body. Marion – the body clearing device, is one of the helpful solutions.