Marion and Health

We’ve only got one health. If it is compromised, we shouldn´t simply shrug it off.
Viruses, bacteria, sedentary lifestyles and/or junk food are far from being the only aspects destroying the human body’s ability to defend itself.
Read about Marion’s interconnection with respective health issues.


Marion and acid-base balance

Marion seeks to have the best possible impact upon body control. That is why its operation tends to be linked to stress, food, immunity, microorganisms, etc.


Marion and Immunity

The world one has to live in is hostile, and not merely in the sense of territorial or religious opponents. And there is also a world full of microorganisms, exogenous proteins such as pollen, mites, plumage, animal hair, the world of dust and an ever increasing variety of chemicals.


Marion and Microorganisms

It is a widely held belief that both the external and internal environment of the human body is clean, with no unwanted microorganisms contained therein. And should some microorganisms happen to reach that environment, they need to be destroyed by antibiotics.


Marion and Stress

As the very true catchphrase has it, “For any and all diseases, stress is to blame, except for venereal diseases – those are caused by pleasure.“ Indeed, diseases are very rarely not preceded by stress; in it, the body brings to light protective and stimulant substances. But afterwards we encounter the consequences.


Marion and Diet

More and more people are currently becoming aware of the significant role of diet with regard to their health. This represents considerable progress in the area of knowledge, because the impact of respective food ingredients upon the human body has obviously improved the quality of life and also extended it.

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