Heading towards the future
with Josef Jonáš, D.M.!

Founder of Detox method in Czech Republic coming up with Marion
a new device for body hygiene!

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Marion – a device intended for body hygiene and healthy lifestyle

The device may be used at random frequency, and may be used by both individuals and respondents within a family or in a wellness facility. Rather than being configured with a specific purpose, the program stored in Marion is universal in character. Depending on the respondent’s age, the time periods needed for reversal to the optimum functioning of one’s body vary. In addition, additional factors, such as proper eating habits or circumstances relating psychological factors, are significant. Marion is an electronic device incorporating all of the detox experience acquired by Dr. Josef Jonáš over the past two decades.

Josef Jonáš. D.M.

MARION is not intended as a replacement for any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure

Marion operation principle

Marion’s operation builds upon the bioresonance method based on the theory asserting that each substance, each cell of an object has its own unique frequency, creating electromagnetic oscillation (waves) that can be measured. The latest findings from the field of quantum physics and biophysics research have increasingly confirmed the major theoretical foundations of bioresonance. According to findings in quantum physics, material particles have both their own wave and particle character. That implies that mass actually is energy and all substances, i.e., including any and all cells, body parts, but also viruses, bacteria, pollen, toxins, etc., have electromagnetic radiation, the so-called frequency pattern.

If you don´t want your children to be sick all the timeIf you want them to avoid flue, tonsillitis, allergies, and inflammations,
Marion is the right device to maintain your own internal hygiene and that of your children! 

Marion and Health

Human health is threatened both by external factors and the factors that we tend to accumulate in ourselves. As a result, the number of impacts having a negative impact upon our natural regenerative capacity is alarmingly high.

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Prostřednictvím blogu se dozvíte odpovědi na dotazy související s Marion (dotazy posílejte na kontaktní adresu, uvedenou na webových stránkách Marion) a také novinky a události související s Marion, aktivitami MUDr. Josefa Jonáše ad.)


Marion – the body cleansing device

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